Drabik: We took a risk in the final

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Maksym Drabik was second in the FOGO FIM Speedway U21 World Championship round in Guestrow. Pole piled 19 points and is only one point down from the leader - Dominik Kubera.

From the very beginning of this meeting, Drabik stood out - the most among the others. Pole was impressing with his starting moment and choosing the right paths on the distance. He lost his first point in the fifth series of starts, after a spectacular charge by Wiktor Lampart.

In the final heat, Drabik had the best start, however paths that Dominik Kubera was choosing ended up as better choice. Ultimately, Drabik left Guestrow with 19 points gathered.

- It may looked like an easy and attractive racing, but this track brought us some troubles. Surface was opening and some potholes appeared. We had some surprises at the end of the corners, so we had to watch out with our bikes while racing. Conditions were changing heat after heat, so we just tried to stay focues and avoid mistakes. Dominik was in a great disposition and we did what we could. We took a risk in the final heat. I'm only one point away from Dominik in the overall classification, so meeting in Pardubice is going to be extremely interesting - Drabik said right after the round in Guestrow.

Ahead of the final stage of this cycle, taking place in Pardubice, Maksym Drabik is second overall. "Torres" knows perfectly that at this track in Czech Republic, literally everything can happen. Two years ago, Drabik won there the Individual Junior World Champion title, but one year back, he lost it to Bartosz Smektała, who caught him up, even though he was six points down from Drabik and it was Smektałą reaching for the junior crown.

- I have an ambition to reach for the title, but I'm taking the round in Pardubice with a cool head. I need to focus on my team, my bikes to set every detail well - Drabik ended.

Final round of FOGO FIM Speedway U21 World Championship comes on October 4th in Pardubice (Czech Republic).

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