The beginning of World U-21 Championships took place In Vojens In 1977. The winner of first junior WCH was Dane Alf Busk. Since that competition 38 riders from 8 countries won the championship. More than 30 finals were played in one-day system, so form of the day was very important. Since 2010, FIM decided to create U-21 WCH cycle, with more rounds included. Most eliminations took place in 2012 – 7. Then the cycle visited Argentina.

Interestingly, only two riders won the championship two times. Who? No surprises – Emil Sayfutdinov and Darcy Ward. Russian rider took the title in 2007 and 2008 with 9 wins in 10 races. “Darky” won in Gorican in 2009 and in the first cycle in 2010, when title had been decided in race-off, - Ward, Maciej Janowski and Maksim Bogdanov were competing. This year, the best duo could compete in max Fricke. Interestingly, rider from Mansfield took the title last year without victory in any round.

Since 2016, one of the organizers is One Sport company. The historical moment took place in Gdańsk, when for the first time Eurosport had shown U-21 WCH in the TV all over the world. Furthermore, in 2017, whole cycle will be sponsored by huge firm and everything will be shown by Eleven Sports TV station.


U21 First Round - Poznań
Press Conference - Poznań
Lets Make Speedway Gala
FIM Speedway U21 Worl Championship Round 3: Gdańsk
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