Poles with gold! Trophy for the favourites

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There were no surprises in the final of the FIM Team Speedway U21 World Championship in Bydgoszcz. The Poles went for the gold medal. Wiktor Lampart and Jakub Miśkowiak didn’t give any chance to their rivals. The podium was completed by the Danes and quite unexpectedly the British.

The Team Junior World Championships final in Bydgoszcz was held in the format, which fans know from Speedway of Nations. The experts counted Poles, Danes and Latvians among the favorites. The spectators did not allow any other scenario than the gold of their favourites.

Meanwhile, the Poles had bad luck already in the first round. Jakub Miskowiak had a problem with his first bike and the mechanics replaced it with a second one at the very last moment. Unfortunately, the machine failed and "Misiek" had no chance to made points after the start. As a result, the Czech riders were defeated by Wiktor Lampart. In the clash of the medal candidates, Denmark won with Latvia 6:3. Francis Gusts managed to bring Mads Hansen behind his back. A slight surprise was the double triumph of the British over Sweden.

The following races were won by the Poles in an impressive style. None of the rivals was able to threaten Miśkowiak and Lampart until the end of the regular phase. It quickly became clear that the favorites should confidently go for the gold medal.

One of the most interesting heats was race no 15, when Latvia competed with Great Britain. In the first attempt to this one, we witnessed Francis Gusts crash. In the second attempt Tom Brennan fell on the first corner, but the race was replayed with three riders.

Unfortunately, it was not the end of unpleasant scenes. In the 16th heat of the day, Tim Soerensen had a horrible accident. The bike fell down on the young Danish rider. An ambulance took Soerensen to the hospital. After a long break, the Danes and the Brits finally finished their race and both ended up as the runner-ups.

In the race-off the excitement ended after the first corner. Hansen and Birkemose left Kemp and Brennan behind their back from the start to the finish line. That means, that the Brits were left with bronze, which is still a positive surprise. There was a lot of excitement in the final. On the first lap the riders were really close to each other and it looked like the Danes would come out on 6:3. Miśkowiak went on the lead and Wiktor Lampart was able to defeat Markus Birkemose. The junior from Stal Gorzów was attacking until the end, but the gold went to the Poles. The favorites did not disappoint won the most valuable trophy.

I. Team Poland- 45
7. Jakub Miśkowiak - 21+3 (0,4,3*,3*,4,3*,4)
8. Wiktor Lampart - 24+2 (4,3*,4,4,3*,4,2)
18. Mateusz Cierniak – NS

II. Team Denmark - 35
3. Mads Hansen - 17+1 (4,4,d,-,4,2,3*)
4. Tim Soerensen - 7+1 (2,-,2,3*,w,-)
16. Marcus Birkemose - 11+1 (3*,4,4,0)

III. Team Great Britain - 27
9. Tom Brennan - 20 (4,2,4,2,4,4)
10. Drew Kemp - 5+1 (3*,0,2,-,-,d)
19. Leon Flint - 2 (0,2)

IV. Team Australia - 26
13. Matthew Gilmore - 9+1 (2,3*,0,2,2,0)
14. Keynan Rew - 17 (3,4,3,0,4,3)
21. Brayden McGuinness - NS

V. Team Czech Rep. - 23
5. Daniel Klima - 5 (-,-,3,0,-,2)
6. Jan Macek - 6 (3,0,-,-,0,3)
17. Petr Chlupac - 12 (2,2,2,3,3)

VI. Team Latvia - 22
1. Francis Gusts - 15 (3,4,4,4,w,0)
2. Ricards Ansviesulis - 0 (0,-,0,-,-,-)
15. Daniił Kołodinski - 7 (d,2,3,2)

VII. Team Sweden - 20
11. Philip Hellstroem-Baengs - 14 (2,t,t,3,4,3,2)
12. Alexander Woentin - 6 (0,2,-,2,2,-)
20. Jonatan Grahn - 0 (0,0)

U21 News
Miśkowiak is the new Individual Junior World Champion

Jakub Miśkowiak won the third round of the FIM Speedway U21 World Championship held in Pardubice and became the Individual Junior World Champion. The silver medal went to the Dane, Mads Hansen and Wiktor Lampart received bronze.

The medals will fall in Pardubice

On Friday we will meet the new Individual Junior World Champion. The competition moves to Pardubice, where the grand finale will take place.

Blödorn will race in Pardubice

Due to injury, Jonas Seifert-Salk will not take part in the final round of the Individual Junior World Championship in Pardubice. The Dane will be replaced by Norick Blödorn.

Daniel Klima received a wild card for Pardubice

Daniel Klima has received a wild card entry for the grand final of the FIM Speedway U21 World Championship which will take place on the 1st October in Pardubice. With his participation confirmed, we now know the full start list for the upcoming competition.

Miśkowiak wins in Krosno. The Pole is the new leader of the series.

Jakub Miśkowiak won the second round of the Individual Junior World Championship which was held in Krosno. The podium was completed by Mateusz Cierniak and Mads Hansen. After today's meeting, Miśkowiak became the new leader of the interim classification of the series.

Poles want to dethrone Hansen

The second final of this year's Individual Junior World Championship which will take place in Krosno is just around the corner. After the first round, Mads Hansen is on the lead of the interim classification of the series.

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