Kubera won in Güstrow

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After a thrilling round in Lublin, world's top junior riders came to Guestrow. For some of them, meeting in Germany was a perfect chance to rebuild and for the favourites - an opportunity to outrun the rivals.

First three heats brought a show by the rank's top. Starting with Domnik Kubera, who defeated Gleb Chugunov in a direct battle, moving to the top position overall. Later, we had Smektała and Drabik impressing the crowd, but the best was about to come in heat no.4.
Rafał Karczmarz had a perfect start from the fourth gate, but had to race near the outside line. Fredrik Jakobsen was closer to the inside one and it looked like a right decision to choose this path. Karczmarz was far from surrender, though and his consistent racing ultimately gave him three points. Spectacular fight ended at the very end, literally at the finish line!

Second series showed strength of Poles - three points were added to the statsheets of Domnik Kubera, Wiktor Lampart and Maksym Drabik. However, Bartosz Smektała's racing was quite a suprise, especially after being overtaken by Jonas Jeppesen. The most interesting heat in this part of the meeting was number six - Jan Kvech made a spectacular defense against Gleb Chugunov, which meant taking an important point from one of the favourites to gold.

Third series started from the scenes we wouldn't like to watch at speedway tracks. First, it was Patrick Hansen bouncing from a fence, but Dane luckily was able to stay on a bike. Moments later, though, Nick Skorja had a tumble after hooking Hansen's back wheel. Fortunately, it ended only with fear adn Slovenian rider was able to go back to the pits on his own. Pain was too strong, however, so Skorja decided to withdraw from the second part of this rivalry. In the heat's repeat, Drabik defeated Dominik Kubera. Phenomenal Polish junior would show a great disposition on Saturday's evening. Minute after minute, we were watching better and better racing. The best proof was heat no.10, when Gleb Chugunov overtook Robert Lambert on the distance in a brilliant way. Unluckily for Russian, fourth series brought him an exclusion after a tumble on a third lap. Precious points got lost. The more it went down the road, the bigger excitement would appear in Makym Drabik's pit. After four series, Pole piled maximum - 12 points. Dominik Kubera, who in the main series, was defeated only by Drabik and Smektała, was getting some solid points as well.

Except for the second series of the starts, Smektała looked great. In heat no.18, Pole defeated rank's leader - Gleb Chugunov in a direct battle. Russian was fast, but kept losing points to the overall classification. Two last heats of the main series were a fantastic racing on the outside line - first by Robert Lambert and later by Wiktor Lampart. By the way, Polish junior was the first to defeat Drabik.

Semi-finals once again gave lots of joy to the Polish fans - Dominik Kubera, Bartosz Smektała and Maksym Drabik, along with Czech - Jan Kvech, went through to the final heat. There, it looked like a starting point belonged to Maksym Drabik, but it was Dominik Kubera who jumped on the first position at the end of the first corner and delivered this win up until the end. Drabik ended as second and surprisingly, it was Jan Kvech filling the last podium spot, after defeating Bartosz Smektała in the final heat.

Round in Guestrow was full of interesting races and surely can be called a great promotion of speedway. Now, we are all waiting for the final answers which are about to come on 4th of October, 2019 in Pardubice.

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