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In Lublin, the cinder potential has been evident for a long time, and the local environment creates a perfect climate for the development of black sport. The city still has euphoria after the return of the local team to the highest league in Poland, and the fans count down the days to the next meetings. At Aleje Zygmuntowskie, however, not only league emotions will be hosted, because in the second half of June the first of the three finals of the Individual Junior World Championships will take place here.

Every day, it is common to say that the first impression is the most important. It is the most memorable and decisive for the perception of specific issues in the future. Grzegorz Zengota recently met with the Lublin reality for the first time, and in the inter-season break he changed the native Falubaz Zielona Góra to the PGE Ekstraliga, Speed Car Motor Lublin. It is true that this year the rider has not yet left the track due to injuries, but he has already familiarized himself with the Lublin climate.

- I have a very positive impression. I think that the city lives for speedway, and the fans are very excited about these matters. This is really cool, because from their point of view, the team's return to PGE Ekstraliga after 23 years of break is a great feat. It seems that they could not wait for the first league game and the competitors' departure to the track. It is also worth paying attention to one more thing. Whenever something happens and there is, for example, the need to collect blood, then the Lubliners immediately integrate and motivate each other. Here, there is practically no goal that could not be achieved - says "Zengi".

Lublin is above all slag, but not only. The city does not let you get bored and creates many opportunities for visiting guests. Grzegorz Zengota also took advantage of it a while ago. The speedway rider visited the place where his new team comes from. During this time he got to know different parts of Lublin, and at the same time he built his knowledge about the city and its traditions.

- I had the opportunity to bake an onion and then eat it. This is a local delicacy with poppy seeds and onions, perfectly known to all residents of Lublin. So far I have not had the opportunity to try something like that, and now I could prepare it myself and I liked it very much. In addition, I drank the Perła beer in Lublin. It's true that I am not a beer drinker, but I had to taste the local product. Of course, I recommend it to everyone who comes to Lublin. I was also at the beautiful castle and I met the Lublin market. Some places were collected, because I also had the pleasure of visiting a Jewish restaurant and trying dishes typical of this cuisine. Perhaps not everyone knows that Lublin was focused on the Jewish population, so this climate has been preserved in the city - says Zengota.

The climate of the Lublin cinder is also inscribed by unique personalities from this city. Together with other black sport fans, they co-create football supporters, participate in sports performances and identify with local colors. Every day they are interested in speedway matters, and the fate of the local team is not foreign to them.

- Lublin is also a culture created by artists and cabarets. After all, we have Mr. Krzysztof Cugowski and his sons. There is also the well-known Ani Mru-Mru cabaret team. These people come from Lublin, come to matches, support and cheer. The slag really lives in this city. Other centers may treat master events and extraligal beings as something normal, and in Lublin this is something special at the moment. The surroundings of Lublin are also beautiful, so I encourage everyone to visit and spend a little more time here than just a few hours in the stadium - says Zengota.

This year in Lublin, in addition to matches of the highest league in Poland, the inauguration of the Individual Junior World Championships will also take place. The best youths of the globe, who were selected in earlier qualifying rounds, will come to the MOSiR Stadium "Bystrzyca" on Saturday, June 22. This will not be the first event organized in cooperation with One Sport. In Lublin, single rounds of the junior championship or the Speedway Euro Championship have been held in recent years, and besides, the matches were also played by the Speedway Polish National Team. Thus, it can be seen that the city does not stop at league emotions and tries to provide fans with other speedway attractions.

- I think that this finale is for the city to continue the previous speedway policy and the next step to build even bigger things in the future. The Lublin fans react very lively, which is why the city will organize such events with great pleasure. They are not made for empty stands, but for the public who can fill the stadium - says "Zengi".

A year ago Bartosz Smektała triumphed in the Individual World Junior Championships. Pole for the last races chased defending gold Maksym Drabik and finally overtook his compatriot by only two points. The podium was completed by the Briton Robert Lambert, and just behind the top three was another of the white and red, Dominik Kubera. The new season, however, provides another hand and guarantees an exciting fight for the most valuable trophy for every youth.

- I do not want to declare who I support more, and who I do less, because I like each of these guys in my own way and I do not like cats with anyone. I can only say that recently I was very close to Bartek Smektała and I would like him to defend the title. I will keep my fingers crossed for the other Poles, and let them decide between themselves which one is the best - betrays "Zengi".

Grzegorz Zengota also had the opportunity to compete in the finals of the Individual Junior World Championships. It is true that he did not win any medal in them, because in 2008 as well as in the 2009 season, he ended the race in seventh place, but this did not cancel his chances of effective driving and achieving good results in the future. Passion and determination were what counted.

- Medals of the World Junior Championships are not all. This is just the germ of some work that will have to be done to deal internationally among seniors. Some boys with medals on account unfortunately do not ride, while those who did not go then still race. Once, these finals were one-day and practically did not forgive mistakes, especially if it came to a very strong cast. Whenever there were any mistakes, it was difficult to achieve anything. I can call one of my finals, for example. Coming in the first race, I was in the lead. Among the rivals I had, among others, Darcy Ward. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the finish line because I turned over and I was excluded. I deprived myself of three points due to my own fault. If they were to add them, then the competition could go completely different. Now you can spit in my beard, but that's it and that's it. It is definitely a pity, but you always have to go forward and look ahead. I wish this to all young riders - Grzegorz Zengota summed up.

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