Poznań, 23.07.2017 17:00


Warmińska 1, Poznań
GPS Data
52°25′38,1″N 16°53′17,4″E
65,29 s. Tai Woffinden (03.07.2016)
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 K. Woryna        B. Kurtz        D. Dróżdż        A. Woentin       
2 R. Lambert        B. Smektała        A. Zgardziński        L. Fienhage       
3 M. Drabik        M. Fricke        E. Krcmar        A. Lyager       
4 D. Kubera        J. Holder        P. Hansen        D. Bergé       
5 R. Lambert        A. Lyager        P. Hansen        K. Woryna       
6 M. Drabik        D. Kubera        B. Smektała        A. Woentin       
7 M. Fricke        J. Kostigov        D. Bergé        L. Fienhage       
8 R. Karczmarz        J. Holder        B. Kurtz        E. Krcmar       
9 M. Fricke        B. Smektała        J. Holder        K. Woryna       
10 R. Lambert        D. Bergé        A. Woentin        E. Krcmar       
11 A. Lyager        J. Kostigov        R. Karczmarz        D. Kubera       
12 M. Drabik        B. Kurtz        L. Fienhage        P. Hansen       
13 E. Krcmar        L. Fienhage        D. Kubera        K. Woryna       
14 M. Fricke        P. Hansen        A. Woentin        R. Karczmarz       
15 M. Drabik        J. Holder        J. Kostigov        R. Lambert       
16 B. Smektała        D. Bergé        A. Lyager        B. Kurtz       
17 M. Drabik        K. Woryna        D. Bergé        R. Karczmarz       
18 J. Holder        A. Lyager        A. Woentin        L. Fienhage       
19 J. Kostigov        B. Smektała        E. Krcmar        P. Hansen       
20 M. Fricke        D. Kubera        B. Kurtz        R. Lambert       
21 M. Drabik        J. Kostigov        J. Holder        A. Lyager       
22 B. Smektała        D. Kubera        M. Fricke        R. Lambert       
23 M. Drabik        B. Smektała        J. Kostigov        D. Kubera       
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 30% 26% 26% 17%
2 35% 22% 26% 17%
3 17% 22% 9% 48%
4 17% 30% 30% 17%

 Name: PSZ Poznan
Phone: 503 362 449
Website: pszpoznan.com.pl
Email: stowarzyszenie@pszpoznan.com.pl

 Name: Polski Zwiazek Motorowy
Phone: +48-22-849-93-61
Website: pzm.pl


Poznan–Ławica Airport
Website: airport-poznan.com.pl
Distance: 7km


 Poznań is the city located in Greater Poland, near Warta River. It’s an important trade, industry, culture and science centre in western Poland. One of the best things about the city is it’s historical architecture. Poznań’s visiting card is city hall, built in renaissance. In the city you could find a lot of other monuments, like King’s and Imprerial Castle.
Despite beautiful architecture, Poznań has pretty nice touristic offer. Many museums, cinemas, theatres, galleries and other locals are located in the city, which could be interesting option to spend free time. Poznań is important culture centre too, because a lot of events are taking place there.

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