Gdańsk, 02.10.2016 19:00


Stadion im. Zbigniewa Podleckiego
Zawodników 1, 80-729 Gdańsk
GPS Data
N54° 20' 45.96", E18° 40' 17.4"
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 D. Bergé        J. Bates        K. Wennerstam        M. B. Andersen       
2 M. Fricke        P. Przedpełski        E. Riss        A. Ellis       
3 E. Krcmar        V. Kulakov        D. Kossakowski        B. Smektała       
4 P. Hansen        K. Pieszczek        J. Holder        R. Lambert       
5 J. Holder        P. Przedpełski        D. Bergé        D. Kossakowski       
6 K. Pieszczek        J. Bates        A. Ellis        E. Krcmar       
7 P. Hansen        V. Kulakov        M. Fricke        M. B. Andersen       
8 K. Wennerstam        R. Lambert        E. Riss        B. Smektała       
9 D. Bergé        A. Ellis        V. Kulakov        R. Lambert       
10 P. Przedpełski        P. Hansen        J. Bates        B. Smektała       
11 E. Riss        M. B. Andersen        K. Pieszczek        D. Kossakowski       
12 M. Fricke        J. Holder        E. Krcmar        K. Wennerstam       
13 M. Fricke        K. Pieszczek        D. Bergé        B. Smektała       
14 J. Holder        V. Kulakov        J. Bates        E. Riss       
15 E. Krcmar        R. Lambert        P. Przedpełski        M. B. Andersen       
16 A. Ellis        P. Hansen        D. Kossakowski        K. Wennerstam       
17 E. Riss        P. Hansen        D. Bergé        E. Krcmar       
18 R. Lambert        M. Fricke        D. Kossakowski        J. Bates       
19 B. Smektała        J. Holder        A. Ellis        M. B. Andersen       
20 K. Pieszczek        V. Kulakov        P. Przedpełski        K. Wennerstam       
21 V. Kulakov        M. Fricke        J. Holder        P. Przedpełski       
22 P. Hansen        E. Riss        D. Bergé        K. Pieszczek       
23 V. Kulakov        M. Fricke        E. Riss        P. Hansen       
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 39% 30% 22% 9%
2 35% 13% 13% 39%
3 9% 39% 22% 30%
4 17% 17% 43% 22%

Name: GKS Wybrzeże Gdańsk
Phone: +48 (058) 305-12-25

 Name: Polski Związek Motorowy
Phone: +48-22-849-93-61


 Airport named Lech Wałęsa – Gdansk
Website: air
Distance: 20 km

 Cultural, science and economic center, North Poland's communication node, the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Center of the maritime ecnomy with a big seaport. Gdańsk with 461 798 citizens is placed as sixth in Poland concerning the population. Along with Gdynia and Sopot, Gdańsk creates the Tricity.

It is a city with over a thousand-year history, which identity has been shaped throughout the ages under the influence of many different cultures. Gdańsk was also the biggest city of Republic of Both Nations. This royal city had an active right to vote on the king's election. Gdańsk has also been an important cultural center. It is considered as a symbolic place of WWII start and beginning of communism's fall in the Eastern Europe. In the city, there are numerous architecture treasures with many institutions and cultural agencies working inside. In Gdańsk, the biggest international amber fair is held.

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