M. Drabik: "I'm leaving Poznań behind"

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Maksym Drabik won the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017 in Poznań after gathering maximum points. Despite a 6-point advantage over Bartosz Smektała and Max Fricke, "Torres" is keeping calm. - Six points is not a big advantage, can be lost in two heats - Drabik says.

Round in Poznań was a rivalry not only on the track, but also with it. Because of a heavy rain, which came few hours before the meeting, start was delayed to make the track prepared well. Maksym Drabik is definitely the one, who will have the best memories from Poznań - won all 7 races, in which he started.

- It's really hard to believe. I suppose that if someone would have told me I would get such a result, I wouldn't believe - Drabik said. 

Rider of the Polish National Team presented some solid racing. Tough track didn't impress him that much and his very fast bikes made him race first from start to finish through most of the time.

- It's a result of a hard work - of me and my team. Fans also helped me a lot - I could feel their huge support. When I was on the podium, I had goose bumps. This whole atmosphere, here at Golęcin was driving me to race even better - Drabik added.

Despite his impressive advantage over Bartosz Smektała and Max Fricke (both have 15 points), Maksym Drabik is far from feeling safe.

- 6 points is not an advantage, can be lost in two heats. One worse performance in Güstrow and I'm losing leader's position. Line up is very strong, everyone is racing hard to win, so I got to give 100% each time I'm racing - said Polish junior.

Even though, Drabik got an impressive win, he's not willing to celebrate it yet.

- Time for celebration will come after the season. Right now, we've got two rounds ahead: in Güstrow and Pardubice, where I need to get many points. I'm leaving Poznań behind and focus on another meeting - winner of the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship ended.

U21 News
I want to defend the title

Speedway is unpredictable. Despite the fact, that before last U21 World Championship round nobody expected the miracle, it did happen. Bartosz Smektała got 6 points which were essential in order to beat Maksym Drabik and won gold. Fogo Unia Leszno pupil shocked not only fans and specialists, but also himself.

I collided with the reality

Davis Kurmis is a 20-year old Latvian from Daugavpils. Lokomotiv’s pupil made a debut in U21 World Championships in 2018, when organisers gave him a wild card. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his cycle, because he finished 17th with only 7 points.

I’m dissapointed that I didn’t stand on the podium

Andreas Lyager finished 2018 U21 FIM Speedway Championships on 5th position. Dane, for whom it was second season in U21 Worlds, with 29 points, has been placed behind the biggest favourites – Bartosz Smektała, Maksym Drabik, Robert Lambert and Dominik Kubera.

Round in Pardubice saved my season

2018 season was first for Robert Chmiel in U21 FIM Speedway World Championships cycle. Young rider from Rybnik had a pretty good reasult – he finished 9th with 11 points. It’s important to remember, that beginning wasn’t as good as final score. In Daugavpils, Pole scored only 1 point. Also in Leszno it was only a little bit better, because ROW Rybnik rider finished competition with 4 points. Now he’s explaining, that in Latvia he had some bad luck.

Mihailov: I learned a lot

19-year-old Oleg Mihailov is a huge hope for Latvian speedway. Lokomotiv Daugavpils’ rider started in one round of U21 World Championships 2018 and made a really good result. On his hometrack he scored 12 points. Young Latvian came to the top of world’s juniors very fast.

Injury destroyed his season

He was one of the candidates to fight for medals, but injury destroyed his season. Britton Dan Bewley finished U21 World Championship’s cycle on 8th position. 19-year-old rider finished so high despite the fact that he didn’t participate in last round in Pardubice.

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