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It's this Sunday, when the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship starts in Poznań. We asked speedway commentator, Tomasz Lorek, about his predictions for this round.

 In this very equal line up, there are 4 Poles: Kacper Woryna, Maksym Drabik, Bartosz Smektała and Dominik Kubera. Organizers gave a "wild card" for Rafał Karczmarz. Tomasz Lorek thinks that Drabik is the one, who can gain the most.

- Even though Kacper Woryna is a great guy, with a nice passion - top-level basketball, I see Maksym Drabik as my favourite to take this round. Maksym can always get support in his dad's wise advices. When this connects with his mechanic and Maksym himself - as Brits say "oldhead on young shoulders" can bring the title. That's what I'm wishing him - then, he'd be able to take his dad to Andorra for gala. If we're talking about Bartosz Smektała - he'll definitely be on the podium in one of rounds. He's got a really well-organized team and know what it's all about. However, I'm not sure whether he'll be able to fight for gold. Who knows, maybe he'll surprise me. In my opinion, Maksym Drabik has more creativity and craziness and that's what you sometimes need to find the golden mean. I'm not crossing Dominik Kubera's chances and giving a wild card for Rafał Karczmarz was great - Lorek comments.

The white and red are definitely among favourites, however will have really strong rivals.

- I think that it's Dimitri Berge, who could be a dark horse here. It doesn't come from the fact that Frenchmen built a league. Berge is a very hard-working man, who one year ago, came to Pardubice with such a van that many Polish juniors wouldn't even like to get in. Also Robert Lambert should be a top-class favourite. This guy has been improving like crazy. I don't know is it a matter of a fact that his parents have more and more cows on their farm, maybe. He knows how to read speedway and know where to get his ear close. I'm really curious about Eduard Krcmar's performance, who's been really chimeric. Jack Holder should be the one, among Australians with the strongest attitude. Max Fricke is already fed and is looking towards GP series. Holder will be incredibly hard to stop. There's also a big potential in Andreas Lyager. He's headstrong, sometimes even too much, but this feistiness sometimes turns out well and sometimes don't. Patrick Hansen loses a lot, while not having a wise mentor next to him. Among Danes, I give the most chances to Lyager - Lorek ends.

1st Round of the EKO-DIR Speedway U-21 World Championship comes on July 23, 5 PM CET in Poznań (Poland). Tickets are still available and can be purchased via

Ticket prices go as below:
Numbered seats - 30 PLN
Unnumbered seats - 20 PLN
Junior ticket - 5 PLN (not for numbered stands)
Children under 6 y.o. - Free

Official starting list - 1st round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship:

1. (#222) Kacper Woryna (Poland)
2. (#73) Alexander Woentin (Sweden)
3. (#113) Jevgenijs Kostigovs (Latvia)
4. (#101) Brady Kurtz (Australia)
5. (#505) Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
6. (#115) Bartosz Smektala (Poland)
7. (#76) Lukas Fienhage (Germany)
8. (#16) Rafał Karczmarz (Poland) - Wild Card
9. (#114) Andreas Lyager Hansen (Denmark)
10. (#133) Maksym Drabik (Poland)
11. (#1) Max Fricke (Australia)
12. (#263) Eduard Krcmar (Czech Republic)
13. (#124) Patrick Hansen (Denmark)
14. (#463) Dominik Kubera (Poland)
15. (#96) Dimitri Bergé (France)
16. (#25) Jack Holder (Australia)
17. Damian Dróżdź (Poland)
18. Alex Zgardziński (Poland)

U21 News
Berge: "Engine failures made me be unable to fight"

It was definitely not a good meeting for French rider. Dimitri Berge was 12th in the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017, which took place in Poznań. Rider from Marmande got the engine's failure twice, while standing under a tape.

Fall crossed a chance to win

Robert Lambert is one of the unluckiest riders of the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, which took place in Poznań. British rider started this round from three wins, however his fall in heat no.5 got him injured, which made him be unable to race effectively in latter heats.

M. Drabik: "I'm leaving Poznań behind"

Maksym Drabik won the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017 in Poznań after gathering maximum points. Despite a 6-point advantage over Bartosz Smektała and Max Fricke, "Torres" is keeping calm. - Six points is not a big advantage, can be lost in two heats - Drabik says.

Maksym Drabik's complete win in Poznań!

 Maksym Drabik won EKO-DIR FIM Speedway World Championship round in Poznań with full 21 points. Podium was completed by Bartosz Smektała and Jevgeniy Kostygov.

Live stream is on

 Globally broadcast of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017 in Poznań is available throug YouTube streaming. 

The only Latvian in the series

 Jevgenijs Kostigovs is the only Latvian in this year's line up of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Rider of Lokomotiv Daugavpils got promoted to the main tournament after the semi-final in Eskilstuna, where he was 2nd with 13 points gathered.

U21 First Round - Poznań
Press Conference - Poznań
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