Drabik gets maximum in Pardubice

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Maksym Drabik gave no chance to the others and got a confident win in the 1st qualifying round to FIM U21 World Championship. Other spots were secured by Brady Kurtz, Dominik Kubera and Lukas Fienhage.

By getting a maximum points, „Torres” gave a clear sign that title of the Individual Junior World Champion title is one of his goals for this year’s season. Drabik was incredibly fast and didn’t let his rivals become a threat.

Second place was taken by Australian Brady Kurtz. Rider from New South Wales fot 14 points.

At further positions, it was even more interesting. Fight for two left spots was between Kubera, Fienhage, Jeppesen and Hansen. In heat no. 11
Hansen got an engine’s failure, which make him lost a spot in the additional heat. Pole, German and Dane faced each other to get it all clear. Kubera won it, with Fienhage and Jeppesen behind him.

1. Maksym Drabik (Poland) - 15 (3,3,3,3,3)
2. Brady Kurtz (Australia) - 14 (2,3,3,3,3)
3. Dominik Kubera (Poland) - 11+3 (2,2,1,3,3)
4. Lukas Fienhage (Germany) - 11+2 (2,3,2,3,1)
5. Jonas Jeppesen (Denmark) - 11+1 (1,2,3,2,3)
6. Patrick Hansen (Denmark) - 10 (3,3,d,2,2)
7. Dmytro Mostowik (Ukraine) - 8 (3,2,2,1,d)
8. Dominik Moeser (Germany) - 8 (3,1,w,2,2)
9. Patrik Mikel (Czech Republic) - 8 (2,1,2,1,2)
10. Nick Skorja (Slovenia) - 7 (0,0,3,2,2)
11. Zdenek Holub (Czech Republic) - 5 (1,1,1,1,1)
12. Kenny Wennerstam (Sweden) - 4 (1,0,2,1,0)
13. Jake Turner (New Zealand) - 3 (0,2,0,0,1)
14. Josef Novak (Czech Republic) - 3 (0,1,1,0,1)
15. Jan Mihalik (Slovakia) - 1 (0,0,1,0,0)
16. Filip Hajek (Czech Republic) - 1 (1)
17. Cristian Zubillaga (Argentina) - 0 (w,0,0,0,0)
18. Pavel Cermak (Czech Republic) – dns

Rounds In Eskilstuna and Teranzano will Take place on May 20.

U21 News
Berge: "Engine failures made me be unable to fight"

It was definitely not a good meeting for French rider. Dimitri Berge was 12th in the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017, which took place in Poznań. Rider from Marmande got the engine's failure twice, while standing under a tape.

Fall crossed a chance to win

Robert Lambert is one of the unluckiest riders of the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, which took place in Poznań. British rider started this round from three wins, however his fall in heat no.5 got him injured, which made him be unable to race effectively in latter heats.

M. Drabik: "I'm leaving Poznań behind"

Maksym Drabik won the first round of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017 in Poznań after gathering maximum points. Despite a 6-point advantage over Bartosz Smektała and Max Fricke, "Torres" is keeping calm. - Six points is not a big advantage, can be lost in two heats - Drabik says.

Maksym Drabik's complete win in Poznań!

 Maksym Drabik won EKO-DIR FIM Speedway World Championship round in Poznań with full 21 points. Podium was completed by Bartosz Smektała and Jevgeniy Kostygov.

Live stream is on

 Globally broadcast of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017 in Poznań is available throug YouTube streaming. 

The only Latvian in the series

 Jevgenijs Kostigovs is the only Latvian in this year's line up of EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Rider of Lokomotiv Daugavpils got promoted to the main tournament after the semi-final in Eskilstuna, where he was 2nd with 13 points gathered.

U21 First Round - Poznań
Press Conference - Poznań
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