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On May 19 and 20, final rounds of qualifications to this year's Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship start. There are 12 spots waiting for riders and they will fight for them in Pardubice, Eskilstuna and Terenzano.

This year's series will be 41st edition of this contest. So far, only 2 riders have reached this trophy twice. In 2007 and 2008 it was Russian Emil Sayfutdinov winning gold, who in both finals won 9 out of 10 heats. Second rider, who achieved this was Darcy Ward. Australian won last one-day final, which took place in Gorican (2009) and one year later, after an additional heat, he won the tournament compared of three rounds. This line up can be joined by Max Fricke. Last year's winner of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship have been presentinf an incredible disposition since the beginning of the season, which makes his name spelled most commonly among the favourites to gold. Before the fight begins, however, there are 12 spots in the final waiting to be filled. First 4 will be known on Friday.

Line up for Pardubice (19.05.2017, 6:15 PM): 

1. Kenny Wennerstam
2. Dmytro Mostowik
3. Josef Novak
4. Lukas Fienhage
5. Brady Kurtz
6. Nick Skorja
7. Maksym Drabik
8. Jonas Jeppesen
9. Patrik Mikel
10. Dominik Moeser
11. Cristian Zubillaga
12. Jan Mihalik
13. Dominik Kubera
14. Patrick Hansen
15. Jake Turner
16. Zdenek Holub
R1. Filip Hajek
R2. Pavel Cermak

Another 8 riders will be known on Saturday, when eliminations will be held in Eskilstuna and Terenzano.

Line up for Eskilstuna (20.05.2017, 4 PM):

1.Robert Lambert
2. Alexander Woentin
3. Frederik Jakobsen
4. Adam Ellis
5. Dimitri Berge
6. Gleb Czugunow
7. Espen Sundvor
8. Bartosz Smektała
9. Joel Kling
10. Tim Soerensen
11. Jooa Partanen
12. Jewgienij Kostygow
13. Glenn Moi
14. Artiom Trofimow
15. Joel Andersson
16. Nike Lunna
R1. Johan Jensen
R2. William Bjoerling

Terenzano (20.05.2017, godzina: 20:15):

1. Jack Holder
2. Broc Nicol
3. Gaetan Stella
4. Mattia Lenarduzzi
5. Andreas Lyager
6. Daniel Kaczmarek
7. Mike Jacopetti
8. Michael Haertel
9. Lasse Frederiksen
10. Filip Hjelmland
11. Eduard Krcmar
12. Max Fricke
13. Jordan Dubernard
14. Sandro Wassermann
15. Kacper Woryna
16. Josh Bates
R1. Michele Menani

Next three spots are the "wild cards", which will be announced on Monday, 22.05.2017 during the press conference in Poznań.

U21 News
I really cared about this promotion

 Eduard Krcmar got through to the finals of U21 World Championship in a great style. Czech rider was 2nd in the qualifying round in Teranzano (Italy).

Fricke, Hansen and Woentin join the line up

During the press conference, which was held in Poznań, "wild cards" for this year's EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship were given. One of them was received by current world champion - Max Fricke from Australia.

The fight for gold will begin in Poznan

EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship – it’s the official name of this year’s Individual Junior World Championship and inaugurations comes on July 23 in Poznań. Title of the world's best junior will be defended by australian - Max Fricke.

Holder wins the war od nerves in Terenzano

 What a crazy afternoon it was on Sunday in Italy. Additional heat was needed to get the full line up of promoted riders from the third qualifying round to FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship and there were four riders fighting for the last spot. Surprisingly, title's defender - Max Fricke wasn't able to go through.

Lambert wins in Eskilstuna

 Third rider of last year's FIM U21 World Championship, Robert Lambert, won the second qualifying round to this year's tournament. Promotion was also reached by Evgeni Kostygov, Dimitri Berge and Bartosz Smektała, who won the additional heat.

Drabik gets maximum in Pardubice

Maksym Drabik gave no chance to the others and got a confident win in the 1st qualifying round to FIM U21 World Championship. Other spots were secured by Brady Kurtz, Dominik Kubera and Lukas Fienhage.

Press Conference - Poznań
Lets Make Speedway Gala
FIM Speedway U21 Worl Championship Round 3: Gdańsk
FIM Speedway U21 World Championship - Round 2 Pardubice
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