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Poland win Team U21 World Championship

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Captain, Dominik Kubera, lead Poland to a seventh Team U21 World Championship Gold in a row in Outrup, Denmark on 5 September.

Kubera won the decisive final heat to give his country 46 points, whilst Denmark’s Jonas Seifert Salk could only manage third so that the host country’s total was 42 and picked up the Silver.

Between these two in the final heat was Great Britain’s Daniel Bewley who was back in action for the first time since damaging his shoulder blade in a BMX accident in July. Bewley was top scorer on the night and, along with Kubera, was the only rider to win a Joker Heat which gave them six points for the victory.

Great Britain took the Bronze with 32 points, whilst Latvia could not match their opponents’ pace and only scored 6 points in total to finish fourth.

The battle for Gold was tight from the start with the hosts holding a narrow the lead over the other three countries for the majority of the event. I was only in the last quarter of the match that Poland came from behind to win the competition.

The captains for Poland, Demark, Great Britain and Latvia will all take part in the U21 Individual final in Pardubice. This event will have been a confidence boost for all of them except Latvia’s Michailov, who struggled on the Danish shale.

Individual scores:

Daniel Bewley GBR 17 pts
Dominik Kubera POL 14 pts
Wiktor Lampart POL 13 pts
Mads Hansen DEN 10 pts
Oleg Michailov LAT 0 pts

U21 News
Sayrio: Luck is needed

Finnish rider, Niklas Sayrio, who goes by the nickname, Nicce, will be 21 years old the very day after he competes in his first ever FOGO FIM U21 World Championship in Pardubice.

Miśkowiak will perform in Pardubice

Due to an injury suffered during the PGE Ekstraliga match, Wiktor Lampart will not perform in the Fogo FIM Speedway U21 World Championship final, which will be held in Pardubice. Lampart will be replaced by Jakub Miśkowiak.

Anlas tyres

 The FIM has decided to withdraw definitively the homologation granted to the tyre manufacturer Anlas. As a result, the use of Anlas tyres is banned from any upcoming FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championships, FIM Speedway of Nations and FIM Speedway Under 21 World Championships.

Kotlyar: I will give 100%

If you are having difficulty finding information about the 19-year-old Russian it maybe because he has more than one name in the Polish media. There he is signed with 2 Speedway League leaders, Wilki Krosno and is called either Witalij, or Vitaly, Kotlar.

Goret: Need to be thoroughly prepared

Frenchman, Steven Goret, is 19 years old and competes in the French league for Club de Lamothe based in South West France near Bordeaux.

Who is prepared for Pardubice? Part 2

In part 1 we looked at the form of the riders who will be racing in the FOGO FIM U21 World Championships who have been racing in Polands’s Ekstraliga this season. In this article we will look outside the top division at those who have been racing regularly in Poland’s second two divisions and/ or the Elitserien in Sweden.

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