Polish riders are the best in Lublin

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Speedway community in Lublin have an epic season ahead of them. On MOSiR Bystrzyca stadium will fight the best riders in the world. Local team, after 20 years make a comeback to PGE Ekstraliga and on June 22nd Lublin will host U21 World Championships final.

It won’t be a first time, when Lublin will cooperate with One Sport. In the middle of September 2017, local fans had a chance to watch the final round of Speedway Euro Championship. These time was the best for Andrzej Lebiediew, who took the title. Artiom Łaguta and Vaclav Milik fought for silver and finally Russian was better. However, the best in last round of SEC was Krzysztof Kasprzak. Pole tried to chase the podium after bad rounds in Toruń and Hallstavik, but finally he can’t reach it.

Interestingly, for whole competition, the easiest way to win had riders from gates A and B, who won 15 races. Also in race-off, the best was guys in red and blue helmet. Despite that, Kasprzak was the fastest in final in white one. It means, that outside gates can’t give an opportunity to win? Of course not. In stats created by gurustats.pl we can find information, that 60% of races in Lublin had been won by riders started from gate C and D, so everything is possible there.

Also Polish National Team found some place in Lublin. Last time they rode in Lublin in September 2016, against Denmark, finished with a draw. Interestingly, that was the only meeting in Lublin, which Poles didn’t win. In October 2015 they destroyed „Rest of the world” 54:36. It was really unexpected, because opponents was very strong – Greg Hancock, Tai Woffinden, Artiom Laguta and Niels Kristian Iversen are the real stars, isin’t it?

It’s good to say, that in the middle of September 2014 Poles beat Ukraine in Lublin 55:35. These time, National Team leader was Tomasz Gollob, who cooperate with Dawid Stachyra, Robert Miśkowiak, Dawid Lampart, Jacek Rempała, Krystian Rempała and Paweł Staszek. Furthermore, in 2013, Lublin hosts meeting between Poles and „champions team”, including Greg Hancock, Nicki Pedersen, Darcy Ward and Michael Jepsen Jensen. Interestingly, local track always created another star. In 2016 the best were Piotr Protasiewicz and Bartosz Zmarzlik. Earlier, the most points scored Patryk Dudek and Krystian Rempała. However, in 2013 the best were Krzysztof Kasprzak, Jarosław Hampel and Janusz Kołodziej.

This year Lublin will host first U21 World Chapionships final. However, it won’t be a debut of that event there. Young stars came there in August 2015. These time the best was Paweł Przedpełski, who lost only one race against Mikkel Michelsen. It allow him to make a comeback in the GC after pretty bad round in Lonigo. Interestingly, it wasn’t a perfect day for Bartosz Zmarzlik, who was excluded from one race. Now we can’t imagine that Stal Gorzów rider would lose against his teammate from National Team.

Every international competition shows that Lublin is now known place on international level. Another chance to see epic rides there will come soon.

- We have a lot of request of speedway in Lublin. I think, that results of our team in previous 2 years only help our fans to have fun from watching speedway. We’re pleased, that we can host one of U21 World Championships finals. I hope, that at least 2 or 3 our riders will take part in that competition. Of course everything depends on eliminations results, but at least we have an opportunity to give a wild card. That will attract our fans to the stadium again – said Jakub Kępa, Speed Car Motor Lublin CEO.

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Kępa: ambition and will of fight are the real Lublin’s strength

For speedway fans, Lublin is connected with fantastic feat of local team, who promoted from 2nd Polish Division to PGE Ekstraliga in only two years. However, in 2019 on MOSiR Bystrzyca Stadium will come not only league meetings. In June, Polish city will host first round of U21 World Championships.

Polish riders are the best in Lublin

Speedway community in Lublin have an epic season ahead of them. On MOSiR Bystrzyca stadium will fight the best riders in the world. Local team, after 20 years make a comeback to PGE Ekstraliga and on June 22nd Lublin will host U21 World Championships final.

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Lublin, Güstrow and Pardubice are the venues for upcoming FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2019.

I can win that

Gleb Chugunov is the biggest young star in russian speedway. 19-year old rider, due to bad injury, started in only one round of U21 World Championship 2018. In Pardubice he scored 7 points and won one race. Ufortunately, he couldn’t take part in competitions in Daugavpils and Leszno.

I want to defend the title

Speedway is unpredictable. Despite the fact, that before last U21 World Championship round nobody expected the miracle, it did happen. Bartosz Smektała got 6 points which were essential in order to beat Maksym Drabik and won gold. Fogo Unia Leszno pupil shocked not only fans and specialists, but also himself.

I collided with the reality

Davis Kurmis is a 20-year old Latvian from Daugavpils. Lokomotiv’s pupil made a debut in U21 World Championships in 2018, when organisers gave him a wild card. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his cycle, because he finished 17th with only 7 points.

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