Smektała is the new U21 World Champion

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Incredible final round in Pardubice. Bartosz Smektała caught up a six-point loss to Maksym Drabik and became the Individual U21 Speedway World Champion.

Smektała’s performance in Pardubice was truly perect. Pole had come to Pardubice with a six-point loss to Maksym Drabik and ended the whole series with a two-point advantage over title’s defender. Polish rider was getting a significant advantage over his rivals in etery single heat and ultimately gathered 21 points.

- It’s still hard for me to under stand it. I’m incredibly happy. Not many people believed that I would be able to reach for the title. I came to Pardubice with no bigger pressure, because I knew what my loss was. I was doing my job and at the end of the day became the Individual U21 World Champion – Smektała said.

Maksym Drabik became the silver medalist of this year’s series. „Torres” was the main candidate to reach for the title and his scores in Daugavpils and Leszno (maximum points) were a real confirmation. In Pardubice, he had some ups and downs, though. Wins were mixed with seconds and third positions and in his final heat of the day he didn’t bring any points, which, along with Smektała’s win made him lose the first position in the overall classification.

- It was a tough meeting. I had some issues to find myself here, but at the end of the day, I got silver medal of the world championship. This year has been full of emotions, and I can enjoy what I’ve been able to achieve. Once we take some rest, we will think about the next season – Drabik said.

For the second time in his career, bronze medal went to Robert Lambert. In Friday’s meeting, Brit got 18 points and secured his position in the overall classification.

- I was slightly worried before the meeting, because in my last performance in Pardubice, I didn’t get many points. This time, it was different. This season has been incredible for me. After the bronze medal in TAURON SEC, I was able to reach for bronze in U21 World Championship – it’s Just great – Lambert said.

1. Bartosz Smektała (3,3,3,3,3,3,3) 21
2. Robert Lambert (3,3,3,3,1,3,2) 18
3. Dominik Kubera (2,3,2,2,0,2,1) 12
4. Maksym Drabik (1,2,3,2,3,2,0) 13
5. Andreas Lyager (3,3,2,2,2,U) 12
6. Robert Chmiel (3,1,2,3,2,0) 11
7. Patrick Hansen (1,0,3,2,3,1) 10
8. Frederik Jakobsen (2,2,2,T,2,1) 9
9. Gleb Czugunow (2,1,1,3,U) 7
10. Davis Kurmis (0,1,1,1,3) 6
11. Daniel Spiller (2,0,0,1,2) 5
12. Jan Kvech (1,2,1,0,1) 5
13. Nick Skorja (1,0,1,1,1) 4
14. Daniel Kaczmarek (0,2,0,D,0) 2
15. Filip Hajek (0,1,0,0,1) 2
16. Petr Chlupac (1) 1
17. Patrik Mikel (0,0,0,0,0) 0

Heats results:
1. R. Chmiel, G. Czugunow, N. Skorja, D. Kaczmarek
2. R. Lambert, D. Spiller, J. Kvech, P. Mikel
3. B. Smektała, F. Jakobsen, M. Drabik, F. Hajek
4. A. Lyager, D. Kubera, P. Hansen, D. Kurmis
5. A. Lyager, F. Jakobsen, R. Chmiel, D. Spiller
6. B. Smektała, J. Kvech, D. Kurmis, N. Skorja
7. D. Kubera, D. Kaczmarek, F. Hajek, P. Mikel
8. R. Lambert, M. Drabik, G. Czugunow, P. Hansen
9. P. Hansen, R. Chmiel, J. Kvech, F. Hajek
10. M. Drabik, D. Kubera, N. Skorja, D. Spiller
11. R. Lambert, F. Jakobsen, D. Kurmis, D. Kaczmarek
12. B. Smektała, A. Lyager, G. Czugunow, P. Mikel
13. R. Chmiel, M. Drabik, D. Kurmis, P. Mikel
14. R. Lambert, A. Lyager, N. Skorja, F. Hajek
15. B. Smektała, P. Hansen, D. Spiller, D. Kaczmarek (D)
16. P. Chlupac, G. Czugunow, D. Kubera, J. Kvech
17. B. Smektała, R. Chmiel, R. Lambert, D. Kubera
18. P. Hansen, F. Jakobsen, N. Skorja, P. Mikel
19. M. Drabik, A. Lyager, J. Kvech, D. Kaczmarek
20. D. Kurmis, D. Spiller, F. Hajek, G. Czugunow (U)

Semi finals:
21. B. Smektała, D. Kubera, P. Hansen, R. Chmiel
22. R. Lambert, M. Drabik, F. Jakobsen, A. Lyager (U)

23. B. Smektała, R. Lambert, D. Kubera, M. Drabik

Overall classification after three rounds:
1. Bartosz Smektała – 56
2. Maksym Drabik – 54
3. Robert Lambert – 48
4. Dominik Kubera – 37
5. Andreas Lyager – 29
6. Fredrik Jakobsen – 25
7. Patrick Hansen – 25
8. Daniel Bewley – 21
9. Daniel Kaczmarek – 15
10. Robert Chmiel – 15
11. Joel Kling – 14
12. Oleg Michaiłow – 12
13. Nick Skorja – 12
14. Wiktor Lampart – 9
15. Filip Hjelmland – 9
16. Gleb Czugunow – 7
17. Davis Kurmis – 7
18. Artiom Trofimow – 5
19. Daniel Spiller – 5
20. Jan Kvech – 5
21. Filip Hajek – 3
22. Petr Chlupac – 1
23. Patrik Mikel – 0
24. Ernest Matjuszonoks - 0

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Smektała is the new U21 World Champion

Incredible final round in Pardubice. Bartosz Smektała caught up a six-point loss to Maksym Drabik and became the Individual U21 Speedway World Champion.

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