Kaczmarek: I won’t look back

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Two U21 World Championships rounds are now behind Daniel Kaczmarek. After last competition in Leszno, Pole went down in the GC, but he doesn’t want to look back. Before last round he’s keeps calm and thinks about his future.

Daniel Kaczmarek started his performance in U21 Worlds by 8 points and 7th place in Daugavpils. He said then, that he accomplished his goal, which was promotion to semifinal. In Leszno it wasn’t as good as then. On Alfred Smoczyk’s stadium he scored only 5 points, which gave him 11th place. In first race he scored one point and later he added only two doubles.

- That’s how it ends and I won’t look back – said Pole.

If in fourth heat Kaczmarek had such problems with speed that in last race, 21-year old rider had a chance to improve his result. He made a good start, but in the second corner his bike made something unusual. Also Andreas Lyager had some problems there, which caused more difficulties for Kaczmarek. For sure, Pole stayed on his bike, but he didn’t find any way to overtake any rival. Finally he decided to not finish the race.

- I think that my fifth race should be restarted. It seems that I should fall, but it’s not fair. I don’t want to think about it. I left it behind me – said rider.

Daniel Kaczmarek is Unia Leszno’s pupil. A few years ago, he started his career od Alfred Smoczyk’s stadium. Everyone was sure, that it will help him making better results. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

My hometrack is Motoarena in Toruń. I didn’t race in Leszno for a long time. I came there for Worlds like on any other foreign track. A lot of changed since I started my career there. Now you have to make different setups in order to be fast. I think that in the past, there were more ways to fight in the field. Now the most important is start and first corner. Later it’s difficult to make any move – said „Daniels”.

In general classification, Daniel Kaczmarek lost some ground and he’s 10th now. Last U21 World Championship round will take place on September 28th in Pardubice. How will Kaczmarek prepare to that competition when he knows, that difference between him and podium is too high? It seems, that KS Toruń rider didn’t start any preparation yet.

I don’t think about that now. I started in Pardubice two times. I like that track. It’s long and wide, so you have to have very fast bikes. The most important is to find right setups, but a lot of riders like to race there – said Kaczmarek.

Now, Kaczmarek colleagues, Maksym Drabik and Bartosz Smektała, are leading the general classification. Also Dominik Kubera is very close to the podium, because he had only 5 points less than Robert Lambert. As everybody knows, Smektała and Kubera started their careers at the same time as Kaczmarek. Despite that „Daniels” doesn’t want to be jealous about them. Now he has to think about the future.

- Now I won’t chase other guys, because I won’t be a junior next year and I’m really focused on myself. If I have to look at anoyone, I want to get as much lessons as I can from Bartosz Zmarzlik, who is fighting for world championship. I’m trying to learn and watch his style, but it’s not easy – finished Kaczmarek.

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