Drabik: We had more questions than answers

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Maksym Drabik, once again, topped the podium in the second round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, taken in Leszno. Polish rider got the maximum points and ahead of the final round in Pardubice, he remained the leader of the overall classification of the series.

After gathering 20 points in the inaugural round of Individual Speedway Junior World Championship in Daugavpils, Drabik improved in Leszno. In two rounds, riders were able to score 42 points and before the final round, Pole has 41.

During the practice session ahead of the round in Leszno, there was a lot going on on in his pits. As he says, minutes before the start, he still hadn't been sure about the right setups of his bike. First six races blew these doubts away. Right after the start, Pole would knock-out his opponents and only in the final heat, he had some issues, while crashing with Dominik Kubera. In the heat's repeat, Drabik overtook Bartosz Smektała at the distance, thanks to which, series' leader ended this round with maximum points.

- It wasn't an easy meeting. After the practice, with my mechanics, we still had more questions than answers. We were wondering how this track will react during the meeting. Surface was totally different than the one during the practice session, so we had to correct our adjustments. We managed to "fit" right from the very first heat and later on, everything was working great. Along with my whole team, we were hard-working through the past weeks, so big thank you to all these, thanks to whom, I can focus only on racing - Drabik said.

"Torres" reached the final with 18 points gathered. In the last heat of the day, other gates were occupied by local favourites - Bartosz Smektała and Dominik Kubera. Line up was filled with Daniel Bewley (Great Britain), who showed some great racing on this day in Leszno. When the tape got up, it was Smektała taking the lead and behind his back, we had a rivalry to get the second position. At the third lap, a crash happened, which made the referee exclude Dominik Kubera from the heat's repeat.

- I made some mistakes in the final heat and had a small clash with Dominik Kubera. It was really tight at this corner, but luckily we're both safe and sound - that's what matters now - Drabik added.

In the repeat of heat no.23, title's defender defeated Smektała at the distance and grabbed the win at Leszno's track. Thanks to gathering 41 points in two round of this year's series, Drabik has a 6-point advantage over second overall - Bartosz Smektała.

- To be honest, I don't look at this advantage at all, just focusing on single heats and about Pardubice - there's still a long road ahead. This week, I have a small break and a league meeting in Poland on Sunday - "Torres" said.

Final round of the Individual Speedway Junior World Championship is going to be taken in Pardubice. Last year, at this track, it was Maksym Drabik celebrating reaching for his first champion's title.

- I got some positive memories from Pardubice. If we'll manage to find the right setups, we shouldn't have any problems - Drabik ended.

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