Drabik: Speedway brings me lots of joy

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Maksym Drabik had a phenomenal start on his path to defend Individual Speedway Junior World Champion title. First round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2018 in Daugavpils brought him 20 points and thanks to his fantastic tackle in the final heat, he grabbed the win and jumped on a highest step of the podium.

Drabik is defending the title, which he took one year back. Last year's inaugration in Poznań was even more impressive - Pole got maximum points. This time, he was only one point away from this score.

- Speedway brings me lots of joy. I didn't have any particular expectations for this meeting or for the whole season in general. This year, I'm really having fun with speedway, which gives me pure joy. In Daugavpils, it was not easy, track was hard to be figured out. We had to look for the right setups for this surface. I'm really happy that this meeting ended the way it did - Drabik said.

Thanks to a magnificent opening of the series, Maksym Drabik has a real chance to become the third rider in the history of Individual Speedway Junior World Championship, who will defend the champion's title. What's more - Drabik can become the first rider in the history who will grab this title three times in a row.

- I'm completely out of thinking about the title. I just concentrate on the closest meeting, not thinking about anything else.

Second round is going to be held in Leszno. Drabik is going to Alfred Smoczyk's stadium as a overall classification's leader.

- I heally hope that Bartosz Smektała will host us properly in his city - Drabik joked.

- I haven't been in Leszno this season, don't know how this surface acts. We will find for the right setups at the official practice before the meeting - Drabik ended.

Second round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2018 - Leszno, 22nd of July 2018, 6:45 PM CET.

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Maksym Drabik, once again, topped the podium in the second round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, taken in Leszno. Polish rider got the maximum points and ahead of the final round in Pardubice, he remained the leader of the overall classification of the series.

Bewley's great result in Leszno

Daniel Bewley got the third position in the second round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2018, which was held in Leszno. Brit gathered 14 points and it led him to the fifth position in the overall classification of the series.

Drabik’s perfection. Pole won in Leszno

Maksym Drabik won second FIM Speedway U21 World Championship round, which took place in Leszno. On Alfred Smoczyk’s stadium „Torres” didn’t lose with anyone and scored maximum points.

Knowing the track won't be enough

Ahead of the meeting in Leszno, Bartosz Smektała and Dominik Kubera are put as the main candidates to win the second round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Knowing of this track will be their huge advantage, however Maksym Drabik has proved many times that the track in Leszno is one of these, where he's been racing brilliantly.

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