Drabik chasing three titles

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So far, only two riders has grabbed the Individual Speedway Junior World Championship title twice in a row. In 2007 and 2008, Emil Sayfutdinov ended at the top and next two seasons belonged to Darcy Ward. Maksym Drabik has a real chance not only to equalize this score, but even to grab three titles in a row.

It was the first round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017, taken in Poznań, when Drabik had proved everyone around that he was all about having one goal ahead - win. At Poznań's track, "Torres" was truly uncatchable for his rivals and getting a maximum points (21) was a clear signal for them - catching Pole would be extremely hard.

However, it was close to getting Polish rider eliminated of this fight for the title on his own fault. During the second round in Güstrow, where second round was held, a serious crash happened. While attacking on the straight, Polish rider touched the fence and hit the track heavily, which got his shoulder broken and his advantage in overall classification significantly lowered.

Before the final round in Pardubice, Drabik had 31 points. Bartosz Smektała was right behind him with only one point less. At the track in Czech Republic, Drabik got 18 points and could start his celebration because of winning his first gold ever in the FIM Speedway U21 World Championship.

This year, "Torres" turned 20, which lets him have a chance to win this series twice. So far, Emil Sayfutdinov and Darcy Ward lead the table with the most U21 titltes gathered. They both won it twice. What's more, both Russian and Australian, got their titles one after another. Maciej Janowski was really close to equalize their result. After grabbing the title in 2011, "Magic" was second one year later, losing only one point to the winner - Michael Jepsen Jensen.

In this year's FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, Drabik is the main candidate to the title, but right behind him there are really strong rivals. Looking at the starting list, it's hard to miss such names and Individual British Champion - Robert Lambert, winner of Speedway World Cup 2017 - Bartosz Smektała or 2018 sensation in UK - Daniel Bewley.

This year's FIM Speedway U21 World Championship is going to be really exciting and everything starts in Daugavpils on June 29, 2018.

FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship, Round 1, Daugavpils:
#114 Andreas Lyager
2. #4 Daniel Kaczmarek
3. #165 Filip Hajek
4. #8 Dominik Kubera
5. #505 Robert Lambert
6. #15 Davis Kurmis
7. #693 Joel Kling
8. #12 Robert Chmiel
9. #6 Bartosz Smektała
10. #16 Oleg Mikhailovs
11. #124 Patrick Hansen
12. #33 Filip Hjelmland
13. #98 Nick Skorja
14. #99 Dan Bewley
15. #1 Maksym Drabik
16. #41 Fredrik Jakobsen
17. Artjoms Trofimovs 
18. Ernests Matjushonoks

U21 News
Drabik’s perfection. Pole won in Leszno

Maksym Drabik won second FIM Speedway U21 World Championship round, which took place in Leszno. On Alfred Smoczyk’s stadium „Torres” didn’t lose with anyone and scored maximum points.

Knowing the track won't be enough

Ahead of the meeting in Leszno, Bartosz Smektała and Dominik Kubera are put as the main candidates to win the second round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Knowing of this track will be their huge advantage, however Maksym Drabik has proved many times that the track in Leszno is one of these, where he's been racing brilliantly.

Jakobsen: I proved my value

Fredrik Jakobsen got into the FIM Speedway U21 World Championship by storm. In Daugavpils, Dane presented solid racing, confirmed by his score - 10 points in his first four heats.

Lyager: I couldn't find the right setup

Andreas Lyager got seven points in the first round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, which was held in Daugavpils. Dane admits that it was hard for him to adjust to the surface.

Kling in for Chugunov in Leszno

Swedish rider, Joel Kling will once again replace injured Gleb Chugunov in the rivalry of Individual Speedway Junior World Championship. Just to remind - second final of this series is taking place on 22nd of July in Leszno.

Kaczmarek : I want to score as many points as it’s possible

In the last days of June, Daniel Kaczmarek made a debut in U21 World Championships. Pole accomplished his first plan and was happy with place in the middle of the table. Kaczmarek has a goal to make in this year’s tournament. He wants to keep focus on riding without calculating any point after every round.

Lets Make Speedway Gala 2018
U21 Round 3: Pardubice
U21 Round 2: Güstrow
U21 First Round - Poznań
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