Ermolenko: "Learning from mistakes is leading to win"

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According to Sam Ermolenko, speedway legend from USA, Maksym Drabik is the main candidate to win the 2nd round of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, which comes on this Friday in Güstrow. After a phenomenal first round, "Torres" has a big advantage over the rest of the line up.

Friday's meeting is going to be exciting, especially after looking at the list of names, which is impressive. According to the world champion 1993 from Pocking, it's hard to point a certain candidate to win it, but if so, then his vote goes to Maksym Drabik.

- Who can win? Well that’s really not that easy to say, but as Maksym must be the favorite so I will have to say Maksym Drabik - Ermolenko said.

Drabik has a 6-point advantage over 2nd Bartosz Smektała. As "Sudden Sam" says, riders, who haven't had a chance to race in Güstrow, can lose many points.

- I hate to say it but Gustrow is not the fairest race track for many reasons and if you haven’t raced it before then you could find you get caught out... any point advantage you have going into Gustrow will be a help for sure! So the racer that doesn’t make mistakes will come better...Gating is very important, many times in the past riders will find it hard to start from the poorest position on the night... and if the rider draws that bad gate twice then its stacked against him - world champion 1993 added.

During the Friday's event, fans gathered at the stadium will support German riders. In Güstrow, we will have a permanent participant of the U21 World Championship, plus a "wild card" - Michael Haertel.

- Yes for sure their track knowledge has got to be a bonus and worth a few surprise.

Not many riders, who start in this year's series have raced there before and this fact, according to Ermolenko, forces riders to use their intelligence and quickly react to others' mistakes.

- It will be real important to watch the other races and use your racing head to concur the challenges on the night but how world championship are won - Ermolenko ended.

After the round in Güstrow, world's top juniors will move to Pardubice, when the final answers will be given.

Second round of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship starts in Güstrow, on September 8. Tickets are available:

Startlist of second round EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship:
1. Dominik Kubera #463 (Poland)
2. Alexander Woentin #73 (Sweden)
3. Jack Holder #25 (Australia)
4. Michael Härtel #16 (Germany) – Wild Card
5. Max Fricke #1 (Australia)
6. Patrick Hansen #124 (Denmark)
7. Robert Lambert #505 (Great Britain)
8. Brady Kurtz #101 (Australia)
9. Maksym Drabik #133 (Poland)
10. Dimitri Berge #96 (France)
11. Lukas Fienhage #76 (Germany)
12. Kacper Woryna #222 (Poland)
13. Eduard Krcmar #263 (Czech Rep.)
14. Andreas Lyager Hansen #114 (Denmark)
15. Bartosz Smektała #115 (Poland)
16. Jevgenijs Kostigovs #113 (Latvia)
17. Dominik Möser (Germany)
18. Lukas Baumann (Germany)

U21 News
Wild cards for U-21 World Championships have been given

 Today we met three permanent Wild cards for thisyear FIM Speedway U-21 World Championships. The „speedway battlepasses” have been Niven to international pure talents – Filip Hajek (Czechia), Filip Hjelmland (Sweden) and Davis Kurmis (Latvia).

12 riders with promotion to U21 World Championship finals

 On Saturday, June 16th, took place three speedway U21 World Championship elimination rounds. There we know 12 riders, who will take part in junior world’s fnals this season. Another three places are for „wild cards”.

First round U21 WC moved to Daugavpils

 On June 29, the first round of the Individual Junior World Championships will be held. At the initiative of the organizer of the junior championships, the One Sport company, the competition is moved from Holsted to Daugavpils.

Danish speedway is waiting for U21 gold since 2012

 Last season wasn't good for Danish speedway. Average results in Speedway Grand Prix, Speedway Euro Championship, some events ended with injuries or bad U21 riders’ performance in Worlds. It seems like season 2018 is coming with new chances.

Smektała: Speedway is my whole life

Bartosz Smektała has got a phenomenal season behind, which was confirmed by a long list of medals reached in 2017. One of the most precious ones is definitely silver in the U21 World Championship. In 2018, one of the rounds of the world's best juniors rivalry, will be taken in Leszno, which is Smektała's home track. As he admits, right now, he's fully focused on qualifying to the series.

World U-21 Championship calendar has been presented

 The best junior rider in 2018 will be chosen in three final rounds. Today, during #LetsMakeSpeedway gala, organized in CKK Jordanki in Toruń, we meet official calendar of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship.

Lets Make Speedway Gala 2018
U21 Round 3: Pardubice
U21 Round 2: Güstrow
U21 First Round - Poznań
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