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Before the second round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2017, Robert Lambert is ranked in 7th position overall. Right after reaching for the Individual U21 European Champion title, Lambert will be one of the candidates to win the Güstrow round.

Lambert had a bad luck during the inauguration of this year's series. Despite his great beginning and three individual wins in Poznań, "Ruthless" took part in a crash in heat no.5. After this, it was clearly seen that pain had been rising and after three wins, engine's failure came and two "zeros", which made bronze medalist of last year's championship finish this round in the race-off heat.

Nevertheless, Lambert's season is a series of success. British rider has been one of the leaders of King's Lynn Starts, starting in Premiership. Lambert's started in 25 matches, 105 heats, where he gained an average of 1,981 points per heat. In the lower division, "Ruthless" is representing Newcastle Diamonds, where in 115 heats, he was crossing the finish line as first 62 times, in 31 he was second, 16 - third and only 4 times ended as fourth. Despite his numerous starts in UK, Lambert is also starting in Swedish Elitserien, Polish 2nd league and in German Speedway Bundesliga. In Sweden, Brit's been representing Masarna Avesta, for whom, he's made an average of 1,739 points per heat. His highest average, however, is in Poland, where he has 2,593 points per heat, representing Speedway Car Motor Lublin. Among 27 heats, in 17 he was first. What's worth mentioning, bronze medalist of the U21 WC 2016 hasn't been last in any heat.

Season 2017 brought also one of his biggest successes of his career so far. In Daugavpils, "Ruthless" became the Individual Junior European Champion. With 14 points gathered, he defeated Bartosz Smektała and Andreas Lyager.

Before the round in Güstrow, place where Brit's currently in, is quite complicated. Lambert's losing 12 points to the leader - Maksym Drabik and 6 points to the TOP 3.

There's a special and specific track, which geometry lets passing on the distance, waiting for the riders in round 2. Many riders of this year's series hasn't had an opportunity to meet this surface.

- I've been there twice, however don't remember this track well. Its length doesn't matter, I like racing on every track - Lambert ended.

Second round of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship starts in Güstrow, on September 8. Tickets are available:

Startlist of second round EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship:
1. Dominik Kubera #463 (Poland)
2. Alexander Woentin #73 (Sweden)
3. Jack Holder #25 (Australia)
4. Michael Härtel #16 (Germany) – Wild Card
5. Max Fricke #1 (Australia)
6. Patrick Hansen #124 (Denmark)
7. Robert Lambert #505 (Great Britain)
8. Brady Kurtz #101 (Australia)
9. Maksym Drabik #133 (Poland)
10. Dimitri Berge #96 (France)
11. Lukas Fienhage #76 (Germany)
12. Kacper Woryna #222 (Poland)
13. Eduard Krcmar #263 (Czech Rep.)
14. Andreas Lyager Hansen #114 (Denmark)
15. Bartosz Smektała #115 (Poland)
16. Jevgenijs Kostigovs #113 (Latvia)
17. Dominik Möser (Germany)
18. Lukas Baumann (Germany)



U21 News
Smektała: Speedway is my whole life

Bartosz Smektała has got a phenomenal season behind, which was confirmed by a long list of medals reached in 2017. One of the most precious ones is definitely silver in the U21 World Championship. In 2018, one of the rounds of the world's best juniors rivalry, will be taken in Leszno, which is Smektała's home track. As he admits, right now, he's fully focused on qualifying to the series.

World U-21 Championship calendar has been presented

 The best junior rider in 2018 will be chosen in three final rounds. Today, during #LetsMakeSpeedway gala, organized in CKK Jordanki in Toruń, we meet official calendar of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship.

Wearing a crown in winter

Maksym Drabik had a spectacular season, full of successes reached on speedway tracks. Next to the Individual Speedway Junior World Champion title or Team Junior World Championship, he also got silver in Team Polish Championship. As he says, his vacation's coming to an end and winter will be a time, when he's all about to polish his form for upcoming season.

Czarnecki: "These riders are pillars of their teams"

Honorary patron of this year's Eko-Dir FIM Speedwya U21 World Championship, Ryszard Czarnecki says only in growing terms about recently finished rivalry for the world's best junior title. Vice-President of the European Parliament admits that he was impressed not only with its line up, but also choice of venues.

Regularly six points more

Kacper Woryna was ranked in 4th position in the overall classification of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Pole was second in the final round in Pardubice and thanks to his good overall score, he got himself right behind the podium of the series.

Fricke: "Engine's failure cost me a medal"

Max Fricke did not defend the title of Individual Speedway Junior World Champion. In the last round of this year's series, which was taken in Pardubice, Australian rider got 13 points and in the general classification of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship was ranked in 3rd position, losing only one point to Bartosz Smektała, who was 2nd.

Lets Make Speedway Gala 2018
U21 Round 3: Pardubice
U21 Round 2: Güstrow
U21 First Round - Poznań
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