Polish battle in general classification

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 Poles are the largest group in this year's U-21 World Championship cycle. After first round in Poznań we can suppose, that this nation will fight for the best places in the GC.

 This year, there are four permanent participants from Poland. Maksym Drabik, Bartosz Smektała, Dominik Kubera and Kacper Woryna were mentioned as favourites before the cycle started. In Poznań, those predictions have been confirmed.

Maksym Drabik was really the best in Greater Poland's capital. Betard Sparta Wrocław rider won every race and sent bright signal – I want to be the best there. „Torres” needs this victory more than anyone else, because he wants to remove the stain left after Polish U-21 championships, wherein he finished without medal.

Two other Polish riders had been promoted to the final on Golęcin stadium. Bartosz Smektała and Dominik Kubera, who are working hard with coach Roman Jankowski, have pretty good season and also want to be on the top in U-21 Worlds. First of them is 6 points behind Drabik, second is 11 points in the back.

Also Kacper Woryna has something to prove. ROW Rybnik rider lost to duo from Leszno in Polish U-21 Championships, although competition took place in his hometown. Unfortunately for him, first round in Poznań wasn’t as good for him as everybody expected. He fell two times and scored only 5 points. Howerer, 21-year-old talent won’t give up.

Nobody can rule out a scenario, where the podium is wholly taken by Poles. Drabik, Smektała, Kubera and Woryna seem to be the best before round in Gustrow. Of course Max Fricke, Javgenij Kostygov and another stars won’t let them win easily in Germany and Pardubice.

Second round of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship starts in Güstrow, on September 8. Tickets are available: www.bit.ly/Gustrow.

Startlist of second round EKO-DIR FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship:
1. Dominik Kubera #463 (Poland)
2. Alexander Woentin #73 (Sweden)
3. Jack Holder #25 (Australia)
4. Michael Härtel #16 (Germany) – Wild Card
5. Max Fricke #1 (Australia)
6. Patrick Hansen #124 (Denmark)
7. Robert Lambert #505 (Great Britain)
8. Brady Kurtz #101 (Australia)
9. Maksym Drabik #133 (Poland)
10. Dimitri Berge #96 (France)
11. Lukas Fienhage #76 (Germany)
12. Kacper Woryna #222 (Poland)
13. Eduard Krcmar #263 (Czech Rep.)
14. Andreas Lyager Hansen #114 (Denmark)
15. Bartosz Smektała #115 (Poland)
16. Jevgenijs Kostigovs #113 (Latvia)
17. Dominik Möser (Germany)
18. Lukas Baumann (Germany)

U21 News
Czarnecki: "These riders are pillars of their teams"

Honorary patron of this year's Eko-Dir FIM Speedwya U21 World Championship, Ryszard Czarnecki says only in growing terms about recently finished rivalry for the world's best junior title. Vice-President of the European Parliament admits that he was impressed not only with its line up, but also choice of venues.

Regularly six points more

Kacper Woryna was ranked in 4th position in the overall classification of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Pole was second in the final round in Pardubice and thanks to his good overall score, he got himself right behind the podium of the series.

Fricke: "Engine's failure cost me a medal"

Max Fricke did not defend the title of Individual Speedway Junior World Champion. In the last round of this year's series, which was taken in Pardubice, Australian rider got 13 points and in the general classification of Eko-Dir FIM Speedway U21 World Championship was ranked in 3rd position, losing only one point to Bartosz Smektała, who was 2nd.

Wild Cards analysis

 Maksym Drabik, Bartosz Smektała and Max Fricke stood on the U-21 World Championship podium. We would like to remind you that Australian started in cycle as a wild card.

Who is ending junior years and who we’ll meet next year?

 This year U-21 World Championship are finished already. Unfortunately, some riders we saw on the track this year, finished junior years. However, more than a half of participants still have chances to fight for title next year.

Maksym Drabik: „I had been working hard for the whole year to ride like I do now”

 In the third round of EKO-DIR Speedway U-21 World Championship in Pardubice, Maksym Drabik assured a title. Pole was definitely the best in this year tournament.

U21 Round 3: Pardubice
U21 Round 2: Güstrow
U21 First Round - Poznań
Press Conference - Poznań
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