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Mikkel B. Andersen: I'm not giving up!

 Mikkel Brondum Andersen was probably the unluckiest rider of all, during the first round of rivalry to become the Junior World Champion. Dane fell at the track four times that led him to gather only three points.

In Pardubice, I want to be on the podium again

 Australian Max Fricke had a great start of the rivalry in King's Lynn. He won 2 first heats and then had a crash that made him excluded from the heat's repeat. Ultimately, ended the first final of the Individual Junior Speedway World Championship on the podium, but in the overall classification - he's fifth.

Ellis still hoping for a good score

British rider Adam Ellis came to the first round of Individual Junior Speedway World Championship in King's Lynn slightly mauled. He was facing a shoulder's injury, however he gave his best in the UK round.

Dimitri Berge: I will fight for the best possible score

 Dimitri Berge, representing France was quite a surprise after reaching his promotion to the FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. He was the only undefeated rider in Manchester and found himself among the 15 world's best juniors. What did he say after his performance in King's Lynn, where he reached 6 points?

Jack Holder: It was a great round for me

 Jack Holder took the 5th place at the first round of Individual Speedway Junior World Championship in King's Lynn. Despite that fact, his score put him into the third place overall. What did the younger Chris's brother say after the meeting?

Next time I will come back stronger

We're with Erik Riss, 21-year old rider from Germany, who was 4th in the first final of Individual Speedway Junior World Championship.

Pieszczek and Lambert incredibly fast in King's Lynn

First battle of the world's best juniors is behind us. There were a lot going on at the track in King's Lynn. It's enough to say that this meeting lasted... nearly 4 hours.

Pieszczek won in King's Lynn!

 Krystian Pieszczek won the first round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Second place for home rider, Robert Lambert. On the lowest place on rostrum stood Max Fricke. Fourth place for Erik Riss from Germany. Pieszczek scored 20 points, Lambert 19 points. Third place in general classification for Jack Holder (12 points). 

This track can be a mystery for the youngsters

It's today, when in King's Lynn 16 young riders starts their fight in the first final selecting the world's best junior. Who will end as the best and stand on the highest step of the podium? For whom the track at the Adrian Flux Arena will be an unsolved mystery? We will get these answers in a few hours.

With no needless pressure

We're with Robert Lambert, 18-year old rider from Great Britain and one of the favourites to win the first final of the Individual Speedway Junior World Championship.

Denmark - home of speedway talents

Danes are the most titled nation in the history of speedway. Since many years, Denmark's representatives have been in the world's top. What are their achievements in the Individual Speedway Junior World Championship?

We're starting on this Saturday

 It's upcoming Saturday, June 18, when the world's top junior riders will start their fight for points to the overall classification of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship. Inaugural round will be taken at the track in British King's Lynn, which is ready to welcome the world's best.

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