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Pieszczek at the track in Gdańsk

 Krystian Pieszczek was born and raised in Gdańsk and now he's got a chance to become the individual junior world champion. He can achieve it on this Sunday, when he will have to catch up a one-point loss to Max Fricke and Robert Lambert. How has Krystian been doiung at this track, where the Final Round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship will be held?

Adrenaline gets bigger with every day

 In only two days, we will meet the Individual Junior Speedway World Champion 2016. Among the candidates to reach for the title there are: Krystian Pieszczek (Poland), two Australians: Max Fricke and Jack Holder, Brit Robert Lambert and French Dimitri Berge.

Domination of two countries ends in Gdańsk

 In the last four years, at the rostrum of the Individual Junior Speedway World Championship, there were standing representatives of only... two nations. In this year, it seems like this series is about to end.

Max Fricke: It will be a tough evening for me

 Before the last round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, Max Fricke is ex-equo first in the overall classification, having the same amount of points as Robert Lambert, with Krystian Pieszczek behind his back with a one-point loss.

Twelfth Pole in the history with gold?

 He was the first Polish junior world champion. After winning the tournament with maximum points in 1996, in German Olching, the doors to the phenomental career got opened. How does Piotr Protasiewicz reminisce on that day?

Smektała: Present a good speedway

Among the finalists of the Individual Junior World Championship there are three Poles, out of which Bartosz Smetała is the youngest.

Will Fricke follow Ward?

 In 2009 and 2010 Darcy Ward - golden kid of Australian speedway took the top of the rostrum. After six years, another Aussie is having a chance to follow Ward's success and it is Max Fricke.

Robert Lambert: I never thought I would be so close

 For Robert Lambert, racing in the Individual Junior World Championship is a new thing. This year, he's having his debut and...been doing great so far. In the overall classification, after two rounds - in King's Lynn and Pardubice, he is currently second, however has got the same amount of points as the leader - Max Fricke. In Gdańsk, he will be fighting for gold.

Pieszczek: One point is not a big loss

 Last Friday, he was having his 21st birthday and it's not hard to guess what was he wishing for. On this Sunday, he will face the final stage of the clash in Individual Junior World Championship. Will he follow other Poles' steps, who has dominated this rivalry in the past years?

Riss: I feel disappointment

21 y.o. Erik Riss has already got the individual world champion title at the long tracks' rivalry. In this year, he has been fighting for points in juniors' rivalry at the classic tracks. It will be really hard to get the medal, though.

U21 Gdańsk: Kossakowski gets the wild card, Berge has no.1

The official starting list for the final round of FIM Speedway U21 World Championship is now out. The last battle of the world's best junior riders will take place on 2 October in Gdańsk. The wild card was given to the local club's junior, Dominik Kossakowski.

Holder: I really wanted a podium

After two rounds of the FIM Speedway U21 World Championship, Jack Holder is currently 5th overall, losing few points to the leaders and still having a chance to get the title. Therefore, naturally, he's counting on a good racing in the final.

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