Pardubice, 02.10.2020 17:00


Plochodrażni Stadion
Motoristů 300
GPS Data
50°1'21.25"N 15°43'9.79"E
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 A. Woentin        N. Sayrio          D. Klima       
2 J. Kvech        D. Bewley        M. Lenarduzzi        S. Goret       
3 P. Chlupac        M. Hansen        D. Kubera        L. Baumann       
4 J. Lidsey        O. Mihailov        J. Miśkowiak        L. Fienhage       
5 D. Kubera        J. Kvech        J. Miśkowiak        N. Sayrio       
6 O. Mihailov        M. Lenarduzzi          M. Levyshyn       
7 J. Lidsey        D. Bewley        M. Hansen        A. Woentin       
8 L. Fienhage        L. Becker        L. Baumann        S. Goret       
9 M. Hansen        N. Sayrio        L. Fienhage        M. Lenarduzzi       
10 J. Lidsey        J. Kvech        M. Levyshyn        L. Baumann       
11 D. Kubera        O. Mihailov          A. Woentin       
12 D. Bewley        J. Miśkowiak        L. Becker        P. Chlupac       
13 D. Bewley        O. Mihailov        N. Sayrio        L. Baumann       
14 M. Levyshyn        J. Miśkowiak        M. Hansen        P. Kuchar       
15 J. Kvech        P. Chlupac        L. Fienhage        A. Woentin       
16 D. Kubera        J. Lidsey        L. Becker        M. Lenarduzzi       
17 J. Lidsey        P. Chlupac        N. Sayrio        S. Goret       
18 D. Bewley        D. Kubera        L. Fienhage        M. Levyshyn       
19 J. Miśkowiak        M. Lenarduzzi          L. Baumann       
20 J. Kvech        O. Mihailov        M. Hansen        L. Becker       
21 J. Lidsey        D. Kubera        M. Hansen        J. Miśkowiak       
22 D. Bewley        O. Mihailov        P. Chlupac        J. Kvech       
23 J. Lidsey        D. Kubera        O. Mihailov        D. Bewley       
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 48% 24% 19% 10%
2 10% 29% 24% 38%
3 29% 29% 24% 29%
4 24% 29% 24% 33%


AMK Zlata Prilba Pardubice
Phone: +420 466 303 628


Česká Motocyklová Federace
Phone: +420 261 104 291


distance: 2 km
Mnichovo Hradiště
distance: 77 km

Vclav's Havel airport
distance: 104 km

  Speedway Stadium in Pardubice - Svitkov is one of two (next to Marketa) most important speedway venues in Czech Republic. Stadium was built between 1953 and 1954. Right now, its stands' capacity goes around 10 000 spectators. Riders from AMK ZP Pardubice have been using this stadium and from 1964 there has been prestigious meeting held called "Zlatá Přilba".

On January 2, Czech hockey league meeting was taken between HC Pardubice and Kometa Brno. It was the first league's meeting in years in Czech Republic held under the sky (last was dated on season 1966/1967 in Czechoslovakia). In this meeting, attendance record was broken - it was watched by 17 140 fans, however capacity after adding new seats was even 25 000.


FOGO FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2020: Pardubice
FOGO FIM Speedway U21 World Championship Pardubice
FOGO FIM Speedway U21 World Championship 2019: Güstrow
FOGO FIM Speedway U-21 World Championship Lublin: Round 1
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